The best free music player Apps for Android

Music Player Apps for AndroidPeople tap their feet or swaying or humming along in public places with headphones or earbuds (as some are called) in the ears is a very common sight today. Odds are, they listen to music on their mobile phones. A number of large music player apps are available for the Android-based device.

Let us take a look at the best ones available on the market:

· Double spiral player: this is a comprehensive music, video and radio programs. It searches for all the music on your phone and synchronize all the music and video on computers, import playlists from iTunes, ratings and playcounts from the computer, play the video podcasts and music.

· Google music : this cloud-based service, you can use the music on the move. You can store thousands of songs on your computer and allows the car to save on music download from Android market. You can even save on the most popular songs, so you can use them even when you are offline.

· RealPlayer Beta : this is a very popular Android users and is very user friendly. This app's main features are: the inclusion of widgets, playlist editing program search options, fast scrolling and the contents of the folder, click. This app supports multiple formats too.

· Shazam : this is the identification of the unlimited music app you only need to keep the phone out of the song identification and Shazam does the rest. When you find a song you can buy online, read the lyrics or even watch YouTube video. Isn't it cool? You can also share the song with friends on sites like Facebook and MySpace.

· Pandora Internet Radio : this is just like having your own radio station. Enter your favorite songs and musicians, and the app will stream the preferred music for free. It also recommends the channel, which will play the kind of music, and suggest songs based on the previous selection.

· Music download paradise : it is a search engine for music, as it chases and and brings the very song that you were looking for high and low. It is one of the most advanced audio segment, search engines, and is very popular among users. This app also brings ringtones, short video clips and sound effects.

· TuneWiki:This application is perfect for those who love to sing the music but do not know the words. Yes, this app looks like the lyrics to your favorite number. In fact, it's like my own Karaoke machine. When you're listening to a song, the app will auto find the lyrics and sync it to the song. What's more, you can even translate the lyrics in 40 different languages. You can also share them with friends and post comments, create and edit playlists, and new songs from all over the world through out. SongBox

· mSpotMusic: This is also a cloud-based service that allows any type of sound files. When you create an account, you can save your music and listen to it through the Android device. You get 5 GB of storage space for free which is enough to store hundreds of songs.

If you know of any other music player apps, which was not mentioned, you may share it with us in the comment section.

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