[Infographic] Who Uses the Internet Best?

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Today, almost all countries have high-speed internet connectivity though their speed varies from nation to nation. Due to improvement in technology, the speed has improved from KBs/sec to MBs/sec and also to GBs/sec but still there are few countries, which are still lacking behind on high-speed connectivity. Now the question is, who uses the internet best and the answer came out is SWEDEN.

According to Online Education Database (OEDb), SWEDEN uses the internet best which is shown in below Infographic Chart.

internet best

Do you really thing SWEDEN has the best internet penetration across the world? Share your view in below comment box.

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gene bernice said...
November 9, 2012 at 1:10 PM

90% of the employees and job seekers make use of internet for maintaining the network and for searching the jobs.
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