What are the Effective Tools in creating a Blog?

The whole process of creating and developing a web log
site requires not only excellent skills like content writing, designing,
and improving the aesthetics side of it but also the capacity
to learn and apply the use of web logging tools. These tools will
help your innate skills facilitate a better and far more beautiful

 So, what are the tools that one can use? Are there any
specific tools that are widely recommended?
One of the mostly used web logging tools that web loggers
are using is the Wordpress application. This is a very powerful
tool that web loggers can use in creating a base format and
design for their blogs. The Wordpress tool is capable of giving a
blogger the capability to create blog functions and features in just
a click. The graphical user interface that the Wordpress uses
allows for the easy manipulation and control of the whole web
log site. Another tool that one can use is a graphic formatting
tool; these graphic formatting tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver
and Flash are very powerful in graphic manipulation.
Most web logs are incorporating pictures, graphics, and videos
on their web logs to make it look more appealing to the potential

 There are web sites that offer the whole package. One of
the more prominent web log maker is the Although
this has a limited capability in terms of skins and designs,
the capability to create an overall web log is potentially possible
using this application.

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