Common Ways To SpeedUp Your PC !

Nothing is more frustrating in life than sitting around on a computer that runs too slow.  It wastes your valuable time and can quickly change anyone’s good mood to a bad one.  Below are five tips that can help speed up your computer, and ensure that your day is spent getting things accomplished rather than waiting for your computer to load.

Do a RAM Space Checkup.

It’s important to check out how much RAM your computer actually has because media files today require a lot more of it. If your computer is somewhat dated, then it may be time to upgrade your RAM space.  If your computer does not have much RAM space, then it is a smart idea to only run one or two programs on your PC at a time.

speed up computerUninstall Unneeded Programs

Everyone is guilty of downloading a program and only using it once or twice. Go through your computer and delete any programs that aren’t used. This helps clear the memory space for your more important programs. It will also help your computer to run faster because it doesn’t have to search through tons of data.

Run a Registry Cleaner Program

There are tons of free and paid registry cleaners available.  It’s believed that most computer problems that aren’t caused by viruses are all related to registry errors. One of these programs can clear your registry of errors and help your computer to run significantly faster.

Run a Defragment Cycle

This isn’t used on computers as much today, but many PC’s still have this function that can make your computer run faster without making any drastic changes. Enter the “My Computer” section and then open up your Local Disk. There you will see a Tools tab that will guide you through this process step by step.

Clear Your Unneeded Data

Whether you are aware of it or not, your computer is constantly saving new data anytime you go online. This racks up a lot of data that takes up valuable space on your computer. By deleting temporary files and erasing cookies, you can free up a lot of memory space. While you are performing these steps it is a smart idea to also adjust the settings to ensure that your computer isn’t storing excessive data.

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