10 iPad Apps For Your Vacation

The Apple iPad is such a great tool. And there are so many apps available for it, with more being added each day. So, we decided to take a look at some of them and found some really nice ones. Here are some really cool apps we found that are nice to have for the holidays.
hiCard Holiday is a nice app, price is $ .99. It is very easy to send a note to anyone from anywhere with this app. You just select and send. It features plenty of designed eCards with all the major holiday themes such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and many more.
Holiday Countdown is a free app that combines a calendar of the U.S. holidays with your own schedule of recurring tasks and events. It’s a great way to coordinate important events with the holidays.

10 iPad Apps To Pack For Your Vacation
Holiday Gift List is priced at $1.99; this app is a list manager for all your holiday shopping. This app is great for Christmas and Hanukkah gift list tracking. It helps to keep track of all the gifts that have been purchased and the remaining gift that still remain to be purchased. Also, it lets you add any gift idea for someone at anytime.
Festive Holiday Cocktails is a Martha Stewart favorite priced at just $.99. This app includes a great collection of recipes for the best holiday cocktails. This is just simply a fun app that can be enjoyed with family and friends.
ISmartMMS offer unique eCards to send to friends or family. At $.99, it allows you to send your own photos or select from its own large inventory of pictures. It is simple to use and very innovative.
FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker at $9.99 this app is the best flight tracker in the app world. It lets you automatically receive flight data from all the airlines. You can also receive email confirmations and alerts with any flight changes. You receive real-time flight information updates, and beautiful maps that you can zoom in with and they even work while you are offline. FlightTrack Pro really is a full package to stay abreast of all of your holiday travels.
Pandora Radio is great for streaming music, just enter your favorite artists or songs and Pandora creates a station that plays their music. This app is great for the holidays or for any occasion, and it’s free.
The Weather Channel Max, this free iPad app delivers detailed weather information, great maps, a large video library, and a lot more. It’s great for tracking weather updates or for making plans on a trip.
Kayak HD is a free iPad app that gives you a great travel shopping experience. You can find flight information very quickly. Find hotel information including location, prices, amenities, photos, and reviews. You can even plan your dream vacation with a given budget.
Truphone for iPad helps you keep in touch. No matter where you are with free 3G calls and Wi-Fi. It also has instant messaging and you can save a lot on international calls to landlines or mobiles anywhere on earth. Truphone does not have a contract and it is a free app.

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