Earn Money For Reading SMS

Everyday we used to get lot of sms advertisements on our mobile.By receiving this advertisements our mobile operator earn a lot of money but we do not get anything.
Now how about we get paid for all the advertisements we read on our mobile.
If I tell you that your monthly mobile expense can be paid via your mobile.
Will you be interested.If yes,then the answer to all the questions is MGINGER .
MGINGER is a portal via you can earn a enough money in order to pay your monthly mobile expenses. So your next question will be what should I do?
Its simple go to MGINGER register their for a free account.Once you have completed your profile,verified your mobile and email you will become a gold member.
When will I be receiving sms?
You can choose how many sms advertisements you will get per day and also the time of receiving those sms.
How much will I be paid per sms?

You will be paid 20paisa per sms you receive.
Is there any other way of making money via MGINGER ? Yes,youcan earn via referrals.Foe every valid referral you will get Rs2.And also you will get 10paisa per advertisement sms they receive.
That's not all if your friend refers another friend then you will get 5paisa per sms they receive.
How much can I make per month?
Suppose you get 2 sms per invited 10 friends.And each of your friends invited 10 more friends.and let all of them get 2 sms per day. your total monthly income will be (2(no. of sms)x.20(per sms money)x30(no. of days) + 2(no.of sms)x.10(per sms money)x10(no. of friends)x30(no of days) + 2(no. of ms)x.05(per sms money)x(10x10)(total no.of friendsreferrals)x30(no. of days) ~~ 300Rs).
This is the minimum which you can earn.
If you check there site you can see top earners list in which people have earned more than 1000rs per month.
How and when will we get the money?
When you have accumulated 300Rs you can request for a cheque.
Is MGINGER a scam?
MGINGER is not a scam.Lot of people have received cheques.If you will visit their site you can check the recent cheques dispatched.I recently received my cheque.So believe me and go ahead and join now.

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