Panda IS 2011 and Antivirus Pro 2011 Free License number Activate for 6 Months

Panda Internet Security 2011 is a security suite to protect your offline and online activity. It protects you from viruses, hackers, online fraud, known identity theft and other unknown threats. It also keeps your inbox free from spam and lets you browse privately and securely with the new Panda Browser Safe. Also, keep your children still safe when online with Parental Control.
Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 offers the most intuitive protection and easy to use for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online fraud. If you chat, surf and play online often, this is your protection.

How to get Panda IS 2011 and Antivirus Pro 2011 Free License Activate for 6 Months
  1. Open Allianz and panda security promo page at http://www.pandasecurity.com/spain/promotions/allianz/. (The promo in Spanish language)
    Panda Allianz Promo License 6 months Active
  2. Click “DESCARGAR GRATIS” button to download the software. Download which you want. Panda Internet Security 2011 or Panda Antivirus pro 2011. The file downloaded here is offline installer.
  3. Install the software on your computer.
  4. After installation finished, right click panda icon in the taskbar/systray the click activate and follow the process. (on this steps your computer must connected to internet)
    Panda Activation Process
  5. Once the process finished, your panda security software will active for 6 months (see the Panda IS 2011 screenshot above).
Note: although this promo is from Allianz insurance but to activate this program you are not required to have a policy from Allianz because the activation process was not prompt a polish number.

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