Make Windows 7 Desktop look like Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Make Windows 7 Desktop look like Mac OS X Snow Leopard with Snow Transformation pack (STP) you can make this happen. Snow transformation pack is the latest software innovation from Windows X’s Live. With this software you can transform your windows 7 desktop and make it like Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Snow Transformation Pack only work and support for windows 7 and windows vista and work on both 32bit and 64 bit version but its not compatible with windows XP.
STP-1 Snow Leopard tranformation Pack

This Transformation Pack will transform your Vista and windows 7  user interface to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including Snow Leopard Welcome Screen, icons, wallpaper, Visual Style, Sounds, Dock and much more. The latest version, Snow transformation pack 1.0 released three days ago on August 2nd, 2010.
Tips How to install Snow Leopard transformation pack
I read in the STP discussion board; some user cannot install this software on their windows 7 or Vista. To prevent blocked by UAC on windows 7 or vista you must install this software as administrator. Here how:
  1. After download the transformation pack. Right click on Snow Transformation Pack 1.0.exe and select Run as administrator
  2. Click next then follow the installation process.
  3. After installation process finished clicks transform
  4. After all process finished, restart your computer to take effect.
Download Snow Transformation installer from following link:

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